Emil Palme’s work as an experimental guitarist, improviser and composer represents a variety of different constellations, projects and collaborations.
Emil Palme lets genres shake hands and tilt over in new exciting ways.
His music moves between improvisation, contemporary compositional music, folklore and even heavy metal. In 2016 he won the Danish Music Award Jazz in the category of “Årets Særudgivelse” followed up by Carl Prisen as the “Jazz composer of the year” for his album “Candy Prince” with the Danish genre-hybrid-phenomenon “Boujeloud”. As a guitarist he removes the boundaries of how you can use the electric guitar. He uses simple tools such as stones and metal objects to explore and interweave different approaches to the guitar and its sounds. Lately he have been collaborating and touring in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, England and Denmark. Since 2013 he has released 9 albums on his own in different constellations. He currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

2018 – Yngel, Indonesia, Cassette tape / Digital
2017 – KIAT • EMIL, Gelombang, Cassette tape / Digital
2017 – IKBAL • EMIL, Kretek, Cassette tape / Digital
2017 – Yngel, (selv-­titel), re-release, Cassette tape / Digital
2016 – Gaung Jagat Ensembles, Studio Sessions 2016, Digital
2016 – Boujeloud, Candy Prince, Vinyl / Digital
2016 – Pimpono Ensemble, (selv-titel), CD / Digital
2015 – Yngel, (selv-­titel), Vinyl / Digital
2014 – Boujeloud, OVNI, Vinyl / Digital
2013 – Lythronax, Teufel-mission, Vinyl / Digital (released 2017)
2013 – Boujeloud, Går på vandet, CD / Digital

Main projects:
Boujeloud – www.facebook.com/boujeloud.dk
Yngel – www.yngel.dk / www.facebook.com/yngeldk
Lunden – www.facebook.com/LundenMusic/
Bona Fide – www.facebook.com/bonafideCopenhagen/
Avantguitar – www.facebook.com/Avantguitar
Solo – www.facebook.com/emil.palme